How much will I be paid?

We are often asked… “How much will I be paid?” It’s a fair question, and it seems a lot of educators are not clear on the answer, or how they can find out. No matter if you are new to Early Childhood Education or not, the Children’s Services Award (the conditions and pay rates determined […]

Early Childhood Educator 101

So, you’re an Early Childhood Educator. Excellent choice! You can look forward to one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs that anyone can ask for…  Hang on, JOB? What do you mean, job? I want a career in Education! I want to make a difference in children’s lives!  Trust me, you will, but it […]

Is there an alternative to addressing workforce shortages in the ECEC sector?

Time is precious

It is well known that the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector is concerned about workforce shortages, hiring and retaining staff, and paying competitive salaries, with advocacy groups lobbying for parity pay for early childhood teachers in the lead up to the Australian Federal election. But is there a way that ECEC providers can address the issue irrespective of the […]

The Golden List: What Makes A Great Casual Educator?

Building Blocks

At Talent Now, we’re lucky to work with a great pool of talented and experienced casual educators. Since our launch last August, our team has had the opportunity to collect the best insights from Centre Directors and Educators about what makes a fantastic educator. We’ve brought this list together into an article with some valuable […]

What they said…

What they said little girl

We all know how vital casual educators are to the childcare eco-system and how important their role is to the effective functioning of any centre. Take a look at these suggestions below pulled from our survey of 50 educators. By implementing a few simple measures, you’ll likely get a lot more from that extra set […]

Tips from educators for educators

Tips for educators from educators - kid on bucket

Talent Now surveyed fifty casuals about the good, the bad and the ugly of working casually. Many had worked in permanent and casual positions and were able to provide great insights for centres and educators. Experienced educators have many so many wonderful tricks up their sleeves or in their resource bags. We have shared some […]

Resources for a rainy day

Talent Now - Articles - Resources for a rainy day

Lock down left families clamoring for easy and exciting activities to keep kids engaged throughout the day. Regardless of COVID-19, these activities will put a smile on your face.

Casual educators are more than just cleaners

Talent Now surveyed fifty educators about the good, the bad and the ugly of working casually. Many respondents had worked in permanent and casual positions and were able to provide great insights. Most educators surveyed felt centres could do much more to get value from their casual staff. We were surprised (and a little dismayed) […]

The Clean Hands Jam

Talent Now Articles - The Clean Hands Jam

Who would have thought twenty seconds was such a long time! When we tried to wash our hands for the recommended 20 second time frame, it quickly became tedious, so we can only imagine how boring it is for children. We thought we’d help by creating the Clean Hands Jam. When sung twice it will […]

Talent Now: The Founder & Her Story

Talent Now Articles - Talent Now: The Founder & Her Story

Liddy Korner is the Founder of Talent Now. We interviewed her to learn more about her journey in creating Talent Now, and what motivates and drives her. What inspired you to create Talent Now? When my son started day care, I realised how important a centre’s culture and staff are to a child’s development. What […]