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The Clean Hands Jam

Picture of Liddy Korner
Liddy Korner

Liddy is the founder and CEO. Her previous life was in international education. She’s lived and worked in Sydney, Hong Kong and also boasts a stint in Bathurst. She is the driving force behind Talent Now.

Who would have thought twenty seconds was such a long time! When we tried to wash our hands for the recommended 20 second time frame, it quickly became tedious, so we can only imagine how boring it is for children.

We thought we’d help by creating the Clean Hands Jam. When sung twice it will take the recommended 20 seconds it takes to wash hands thoroughly, but will also have children engaged and entertained.

We’d love to know if you give the Clean Hands Jam a go and whether it helps you to keep little ones washing their hands that little bit longer.

The Talent Now Team

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